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I have Drupal 7 and want to get custom links to several social networks and other pages in the user profiles.

How this should work:

  1. User opens his account settings and sees, for example: Net 1 Nick, Net 2 Nick and other fields. He inputs and saves that info.
  2. Now his profile should have several links with title %Net 1 Nick% (or just "Net 1 Account" without any modifications in any user's profile) and URL " 1 Nick%".

So the problem is how to define that prefixes (like "") for each profile link field in a way that user can not change it AND gets working link just entering his nick. I've tried Link module but it doesn't have necessary functionality as I can see.

What should I do? Try any other modules? Or can I change this behaviour with custom theme (I will create it by myself, but have never done it before)?

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You might want to look into the "Follow" module, which allows users to add their accounts on various social networks, which you can then display as links in a block that's activated by the module (and can be associated with content they create, etc)

Hope that helps :-)

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Thanks! I know this module (and that officially there is not possibility to change networks right now), but haven't look into it. Always use the source, Luke. It's very easy to improve it :). – nosocr Nov 8 '11 at 5:15

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