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The JSR 269 - "Pluggable Annotation Processing API" - has been released 2006. Since then the only well-known use of this API has been the metamodel generation of JPA 2.0 (JSR 317, 2009).

What other standardised or at least well known frameworks make use of that API?

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Project Lombok is "well known" I suppose. Though it doesn't seem to be a pure JSR-269 implementation, see this thread.

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Dagger, in their own words, is a fast dependency injector for Android and Java. Dagger includes an annotation processor that validates modules and injections. This processor is strict and will cause a compiler error if any bindings are invalid or incomplete.

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GWT 2.4 introduced RequestFactory framework and provided JSR-269 Annotation Processor to validate projects that use RequestFactory, see this page.

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Blaze CBAV(Constraint Based Annotation Validation) is still in development but already capable of some fancy compile time validation. Basically you can use that library to add meta information on your annotations to generate compiler errors based on your own conditions.

There are some useful default constraints predefined, but you can also define you own ones by implementing a validator and bind that via a constraint annotation on your own constraint. The implementation of the validators has to be present in a compiled form within you classpath when you want to use your own constraint, so you might want to package it seperatly. Give it a try and explore the possibilities ;)

For example, you could make sure that a given value of an annotation only occurs once within a class:

public @interface MyAnnotation{
  @UniqueValueConstraint(scope=ConstraintScope.CLASS, errorMessage="This value must be unique within class level!")
  String value();

public class MyClass{
  void test1(){}
  void test2(){} // Compiler error with your message ;)

You can find the project at Github:

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Google's Auto project uses JSR-269 to generate immutable value types, among other things. They also provide a library that can make it easier to write your own annotation processors.

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The HexaBinding library uses the JSR 269 to automatically generate POJO subclasses which integrate into the binding system, to relieve the developper from writing too much boiler plate code.

You can find it here :

And there is also the Immutables library which uses annotation processing to generate immutable objects builders.

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