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I'm having a problem with this error:

Caught NoReverseMatch while rendering: Reverse for ''pennies.views.seed_preview''
with arguments '()' and
keyword arguments '{'sa': 1724158887L, 'sh': 31L}' not found.

which is produced by this bit of template:

<a href="{% url 'pennies.views.seed_preview' sh=seed.id sa=seed.salt %}">

and this bit of url.py

url(r'^seedpreview/sh=(?P<shareable_id>\d+)/sa=(?P<salt>\d+)$', \

and this function signature

def seed_preview(request, shareable_id, salt):

(and url from future, of course). And the error suggests to me that django has captured the right dictionary to find my function. Reading templatetags/future.py also leaves me thinking I've done it right, but clearly I haven't.

Any pointers?

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you are using the wrong keys, it should be

{% url 'pennies.views.seed_preview' shareable_id=seed.id salt=seed.salt %}
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Thanks, I thought about that, but not so (unless I'm making some other foolish mistake). If I say <a href="{% url 'pennies.views.seed_preview' shareable_id=seed.id salt=seed.salt %}">Preview</a>, the results is the (similar) error Caught NoReverseMatch while rendering: Reverse for ''pennies.views.seed_preview'' with arguments '()' and keyword arguments '{'shareable_id': 31L, 'salt': 1724158887L}' not found. –  jma Nov 6 '11 at 19:52
hm. i notice the double (twice) quotes around the pennies.views.seed_preview. should it maybe not be quoted? –  second Nov 6 '11 at 19:54
Oh, man, that works! Thanks. But now what's the business of using {% load url from future %}, then, in django 1.3? –  jma Nov 6 '11 at 20:10
i guess you can use that and quote your urls. –  second Nov 6 '11 at 20:14
Aha! I have to specify that in the top level template. I had requested the load from the base template. Thanks! –  jma Nov 6 '11 at 20:22

You need to load the future url template tag in every template where you use it. Loading a template tag library does not make it available to parent or child templates.

For more info see the Django docs on Custom libraries and template inheritance

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