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I have written a below code for tabbed anchor links

<div class="tabBox" >
    <div class="tabArea">
        <a class="tab activeTab" href="#" target="dV" onClick="changeIt('dV'); 
        <a class="tab activeTab" href="#" target="dV" onClick="changeIt('dV'); return false">tab1</a>
        <a class="tab" href="#" target="ugf"  onClick="changeIt('ugf'); return false">tab2</a>
<div class="tabMain" STYLE="width:400">
    <span ID="dV"></span>
    <span ID="ugf"></span>

When we click on the tab1 or tab2 in IE8 it is opening a new window. But in FF and chrome it is showing in the tab data in the same window. Why it is opening a new window in IE8

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Achieved 200% readability improvement by splitting up the code over several lines. Currently it's invalid HTML though, you might want to correct this. – Felix Kling Nov 6 '11 at 19:58
You should also include the javascript code of the "changeIt" function. – Leo Nov 6 '11 at 20:12

First of all you are using the target attribute incorrectly. If it's not one of the four reserved target names, it specifies the name of a frame where a document is to be opened.

If removing the attribute doesn't resolve your problem, you will have to show us the changeIt() function.
BTW if you've set an XHTML doctype you shouldn't use onclick camelcased.

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