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I'm looking for a solution to display the distribution of request times in our system.

I would like to plot a histogram, and save it in a log file.

Is there a plotting library in java that can output into ASCII / (asciiart) ?

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I'm not sure what your requirements are in terms of ease-of-distribution, but I know gnuplot can make ASCII plots. You might look into using using one of the Java wrappers for gnuplot. or, perhaps?

I haven't looked into the API to see if you can set the output format, but I imagine you can. It looks like gnujavaplot can do what you want. Use a TextFileTerminal and use getTextOutput() or processOutput() to get your ASCII graph.

EDIT: There's also this option: Calling gnuplot from java? (ubuntu) To force gnuplot into ASCII mode, set this in your GNUPlot script or at the command line:

set term dumb
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