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How do I get TAPI to work on Vista?


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Sax CommStudio supports TAPI. It's not free, but will save a mountain of time.

There are also some sample projects floating around out there, including this one.

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If you're using C#, using TAPI directly probably won't work. See this KnowledgeBase article for details. Bascially the managed wrapper that Visual Studio creates for the TAPI 3.x COM interface doesn't work. You can use unmanaged code (C++, VB6) to work with TAPI 3.x, or you can use one of the TAPI OCX (a.k.a ActiveX) controls to access TAPI from .Net. Googling for 'TAPI OCX' will get you a page full of free and shareware TAPI controls that you can check out.

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