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I have a case where my enumeration is like this:

Public Const PREVIEWCREATE As Integer = -3
Public Const SETUP As Integer = -2
Public Const PREVIEW As Integer = -1

I then have a form post where i recover a string like:

Dim mode_custom_mode = request.Form("custom_mode")

I can do

Select Case UCase(mode_custom_mode)

        t.StartupModeId = StartupMode.PREVIEWCREATE
    Case "SETUP"
        t.StartupModeId = StartupMode.SETUP 

is there a more direct way in VB to do something like:

t.StartupModeId = StartupMode.(mode_custom_mode) ?????

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I believe this is what you'd want

private enum StartupMode
    SETUP = -2
    PREVIEW  = -1
end enum

t.StartupModeId = [Enum].Parse(GetType(StartupMode), mode_custom_mode)
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sorry - the cleint is posting to me the string value, i cant change that –  phoenixAZ Nov 6 '11 at 21:43
Thanks for the assist - when i apply I get "Type provided must be an Enum." –  phoenixAZ Nov 8 '11 at 19:42
Public consts and enumerations aren't the same. I'll revise my answer to exemplify. –  SpectralGhost Nov 9 '11 at 2:14
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You mean how parse String into Enum? Try this:

Private Enum StartupMode
End Enum

t.StartupModeId = DirectCast([Enum].Parse(GetType(StartupMode), mode_custom_mode), StartupMode)

and is the same with:

t.StartupModeId = DirectCast([Enum].Parse(GetType(StartupMode), "PREVIEWCREATE"), StartupMode)
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