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I've started using google js test and have become stuck trying to unit test the jquery selector below - actualy i want to check that the append function has been called but that requires a selector.

'JQuery' is the jQuery ($) object that i inject into a function.

JQuery('#' + containerElementId).append('some html');

I have created an object that I use as a mock for jQuery this.jQuery = { append: createMockFunction() };

I would like to test that append is called:


This gives me the error: TypeError: Property 'jQuery' of object # is not a function FAILED

What do i need to do to the this.jQuery object literal to get around the selector?

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Discovered that you can create a mock like this:

var jqueryEmptyStub = {
    append: createMockFunction()

var jQueryMock = function (rootSelector) {
    return jqueryEmptyStub;

var myObject = anObject(jQueryMock );
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