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I want to build a website in Code-Igniter which sells antiques and Antiques are singleton items, which means we cannot have multiple items of a antique.
I have built the website partially, where user can add items to a cart. So, multiple users can have the same item in their carts.
Now my question is how to deal with this issue of multiple users trying to buy the same item. Do we have any design pattern or any design approach to online transactions. Any pointers will really help me.

Thanks Sam

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Typically you would either pull it out of inventory when someone placed it in their cart and add it back if they don't follow through with their order.

Other method is to only pull out of inventory when the purchase goes through.

Really depends on how much simultaneous traffic you really think you will have and what is the abandonment rate for your carts. Not much traffic meaning rare that two people want to buy the same antique at the same time, then doesn't really matter.

Lot's of traffic and simultaneous buyers and low cart abandonment, pull it from inventory when it hits the cart.

High cart abandonment, then pull it when the purchase is made, understanding that you will have to catch and deal with the issue of other users now having a non-available item in their cart.

Design of a system is always a trade-off.

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