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I'm attempting to implement the IObservable interface in C# using Mono 2.10.6, and Monodevelop 2.8.2, and I keep getting the following error:

The type or namespace name 'IObservable' could not be found. Are you missing a using or directive or assembly reference?

I'm using:

  • System
  • System.Collections.Generic;
  • System.Collections.ObjectModel

I have references to:

  • System
  • System.Core
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What framework version are you targeting? IObservable is new to .NET 4.0 –  Oded Nov 6 '11 at 21:54

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Seems that you have to compile for .NET 4.0:

#if NET_4_0

namespace System{
  public interface IObservable<out T>
    IDisposable Subscribe (IObserver<T> observer);


(Taken from this one).

Maybe you have not set to .NET 4.0 as the target framework?

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