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We're currently looking to build a photo sharing platform that allows users to upload photos which will then be represented publicly on our website.

We're anticipating that the uploaded photos will contain nudity (decently conservative client) that will need to be censored.

Rather than simply approve/deny the photo, we were hoping to use a censorship tool that might allow the moderator to draw a black box, or blur/pixelate an area that is deemed worthy of censoring. The image would then be saved, and displayed on the website.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue, and had seen any javascript tools or systems that might help accomplish this. We're using expressionengine on the site, so anything that could work in that environment would be extra beneficial. If not, any tips on the way to approach the method would be greatly appreciated.

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This sounds similar to the problem that Javascript-based image crop utilities were designed to solve. It may be possible to use an existing Javascript image crop tool and modify it to black out the selected area, rather than highlight it.

I found a list of potential candidates which might be helpful to look through, but I haven't used any of them.

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We use Jcrop which is really great to crop. Used with a php script like this one should do the trick.

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