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We're thinking of using VSS for a simulation development project so we will have both code and a pretty sizeable number of binary files (possibly several GBs or larger). I've seen references on the web to VSS limits of around 4-5 GB but I can't find any definate specs.

My first choices would be SVN or Perforce but the team has a few people who really like VSS -

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Not sure how the 2005 version compares to the version-6 release, but I would keep to the 2GB rule and also not use it to store large binaries (if you can avoid it in your case). – hometoast Apr 29 '09 at 16:44
How can someone like VSS? – Toby Allen May 8 '09 at 16:28

The problem here is that there are people on the team that like VSS. Please direct them to this post:


If that doesn't break their spirit, the easiest thing to do would be:

  1. Check out your project on a remote computer through a VPN connection
  2. Edit a bunch of files.
  3. Start a commit
  4. Drop your VPN connection in the middle of the commit

Instant VSS database corruption! Then make the people who like VSS fix it.

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Given Microsoft's update history for VSS (i.e. minimal updates to the actual tool), I would continue to follow the Microsoft VSS best practices of a max DB of 3-5GB.

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my experience with VSS before we migrated the teams to ClearCase is that 6 GB definitely break the tool.

I think the recommended limit by Microsoft is 2 GB, and the maximum it can support is said to be around 4 (see link in Malachi's answer).

I definitely know one of the VSS DB grew up to 6 GB here and get corrupted beyond repair because of the sheer size.

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