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I'm trying to install PEAR so that I can use the build tool Phing and I can't get the 'pear' command to work. Has anyone done this before?

I went to this link to install PEAR on Mac. I installed wget fine and ran the first line:

$ wget
$ php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar

Then, I ran the second line in the terminal, and it seems PEAR installed fine. However, if I just type in pear, it says 'command not found'.

Anyone have any idea on installing PEAR?

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The go-pear.phar installer asked you for the PEAR path locations (for php files, data files, script files etc).

The pear command got installed in the bin/script directory. Add the full path of that directory to your $PATH variable, and pear will be executable:

$ PATH=$PATH:/path/to/my/pear/bin/dir
$ pear version
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