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Can't figure out why my tags aren't showing in the form that is used in the New and Edit views. I only can see the %h2 Tags. The partial declared after is not generated at all.

Here's what I have. What am I missing? (_form.html.haml)

=form_for @post do |form|
  =form.label :content
  =form.text_area :content

= render :partial => 'tags/form', :locals => {:form => form}


Form located in app/views/tags _form.html.haml. None of this shows up:

= form.fields_for :tags do |tag_form|
    = tag_form.label :name, 'Tag:'
    = tag_form.text_field :name
  - unless tag_form.object.nil? || tag_form.object.new_record?
      = tag_form.label :_destroy, 'Remove:'
      = tag_form.check_box :_destroy

Or if it's not here. Where else should I look?


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when you say "app/views/tags _form.html.haml" you do mean "app/views/tags/_form.html.haml" right? – DustMason Nov 7 '11 at 3:04
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Depending on the version of Rails you are using, you many need to change:

= form.fields_for :tags do |tag_form|


- form.fields_for :tags do |tag_form|
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or maybe you should indent

= render :partial => 'tags/form', :locals => {:form => form}

two more spaces to the right so that it is inside the form

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