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I'm looking for a TinyMCE plugin or other custom solution which will convert -- into — automatically. Ideally the solution would not require processing the entire TinyMCE contents on every keyPress/keyUp event, but instead only check when the user has either cut, pasted, or typed -. Right now I'm using something like the following, and it's a little slow when the TinyMCE contents are large:

    setup: function (ed) {
        ed.onKeyUp.add(function(ed) {
            //find and replace two dashes with emdash
            //if there was a change, update tinymce/textarea contents

More generally, I'm curious about a fast text-processing solution for TinyMCE. I understand that there may be nothing better than the method I'm using right now, but I was just wondering if any of you guys have found a better solution. Thanks!

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Concerning cutting and pasting (and drag/droping) you could check for the corresponding shortcuts or use the onPaste event. For droping content into the editor you could bind an onDrop handler to the tinymce editor instances iframe body (i.e. using jQuery).

If you want to check on every typed character a user types in, you got the solution you want already - except for the speed. But i cannot see a faster solution for this case - you will have to check on every new character, except you can check for the character entered (delete, backspace, &mdash.)

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