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I want to call the parser: method in viewdidload to get the array that i m getting in the method given below. I want to display it in the table. Please help as to how should i call the - (void)parser:(SBJsonStreamParser *)parser foundArray:(NSArray *)array in viewdidload.

Here is my code for the parser method.

- (void)parser:(SBJsonStreamParser *)parser foundArray:(NSArray *)array {

    NSMutableArray *creditCards = [NSMutableArray array];
    for (NSDictionary *user in array) {
        [creditCards addObject:[user objectForKey:@"firstName"]];

    //Process array
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We can save each array that we recieve from - (void)parser:(SBJsonStreamParser *)parser foundArray:(NSArray *)array and can reload view after every array.

The problem is that [tableView reload] is not working properly, i.e. cellForRowAtIndexPath:-delegate is not getting called.

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