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A seen in the title, here the HTML Code example:

<p>I <strong>Want</strong> this</p>
<p>And this one too</p>

<p>This sould be go to trash</p>

<p>This one should be included too</p>

The question is, I want everything inside <!--CODE_START--> and <!--CODE_STOP--> so the result should be:

<p>I <strong>Want</strong> this</p>
<p>And this one too</p>

and <p>This one should be included too</p>

I tried using this /<!--CODE_START-->([^<]*)<!--CODE_STOP-->/ and /<!--CODE_START-->(.*)<!--CODE_STOP-->/ with combination of pattern modifiers like su, imu, im it won't work, just return an empty array. And also, its full HTML page that i was try to grab.

Thanks in advance.

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[^<] means everything that is not a <, obviously it's going to fail at < p>. Just catch everything and use the non greedy option :

preg_match_all('/<!--CODE_START-->(.*)<!--CODE_STOP-->/sU', $foo);
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Sorry, i forgot to put this, I've been try this before, but it just same, have an empty array result. –  pengemizt Nov 7 '11 at 4:57
Ups, i just make a typos! lol it works well!! THANKS! –  pengemizt Nov 7 '11 at 4:59

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