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I have a table that I have inserted data into. It has been a tedious process.I wanted to see if i could reverse engineering the INSERT INTO statements as I still don't have a working script to import the database so that I could use this in different development environments.

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You can try SQLyog trial or SQLyog Community. There is an option "Backup Database as SQL dump" which would suit your purpose. –  Jan S Nov 7 '11 at 5:50
Thanks for the SQLyog trial. It defintely worked! I am hoping there is a tool inside this that takes an Excel spreadsheet and directly copies the data. Thanks again. –  Kelly Roper Nov 7 '11 at 22:36

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Workbench will create insert scripts for you using the "forward engineer" option and selecting the "create insert statements" option. If you are using OSX I recommend a free program called Sequel Pro. It has a great tool for copying table data as insert statements. You can also write a select statement that outputs the "values" part of the insert. Then paste its results below the INSERT INTO part of the statement. For serious exporting you can always use mysqldump.

SELECT "('", myField1, "','", myField2,"')," FROM myTable
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