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Before I add this as a feature request, does anyone know of an effective way of adding events to a calendar that does not immediately invoke a render?

If what I am seeing is correct, the call to "renderEvent" in a loop will cause the calendar to re-render. I am trying to add hundreds of events dynamically (based on user action) and looking to improve performance.

I could envision something like:

.fullCalendar( 'renderEvent', [array of Events and Sticky attributes]);


.fullCalendar( 'renderEvent', newEvent, true, false);
.fullCalendar( 'renderEvent', newEvent2, true, false);
.fullCalendar( 'renderEvent', newEvent3, true, true);

Where a third parameter, "render" is a boolean letting the user skip the actual rendering process until they have added the last event.

Or am I mistaken and renderEvent is smarter / faster than I am giving it credit for?


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It looks like you might find an answer in stackoverflow.com/q/5950358 –  pjcdawkins Feb 27 '12 at 9:48
Yes this looks exactly what I was looking for! You should have posted a formal response so I could have marked you as answered. Do you want to? –  bhendel Mar 1 '12 at 18:16

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