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I'am using JSTL for jsp pages to display data. This is my code.

<c:set var ="input1" value="${event.eventData}"/>
<c:out value=" <%= stringCustomizer.stringTokernize(args1,0,10) %>" />

first argument(args1) of stringTokernize() method is, "input1" variable which I initialize above. How can I give that variable inside the <%=%> tag?

I tried couple of ways, but still getting invalid syntax.

stringCustomizer is a java class for customize my input string. In front end, I use that into customize my display data

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Thanx. I did by using .tld. –  Amila Nov 7 '11 at 8:33

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Instead of trying to use a scriptlet inside a JSTL tag, consider using JSTL for the functions as well. See this page for a quick example.

${ank:tokenize(event.eventData, 0, 10)}
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