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I want to figure out if it is possible to record a video by accessing device camera through AVFoundation framework , while the other video is being played at the top layer through MPMoviePlayerController? I tried this thing , to add a view of MPMoviePlayerController on top of VideoPreviewLayer for AVFoundation Framework. But when I call the recording method I get the error saying : "The captured file cannot be written to the asset library.It is likely an audio-only file."

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It is possible. What you need to do is create the video preview layer like you did before. Then do the following:

MPMoviePlayerController *player =
        [[MPMoviePlayerController alloc] initWithContentURL: myURL];
[player prepareToPlay];
[player.view setFrame: myView.bounds];  // player's frame must match parent's
[self.view addSubview: player.view];
[player play];

This should put the MPMoviePlayerController above the video preview layer. If you are still getting an error then let me know in the comments, you might be doing something wrong with AVFoundation.

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