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I want to display data under columns cID, cName and cStatus with the first column displaying a radio button. cList is a list of Value Objects(VO=(cID,cName,cStatus)). If i select a radio button in front of a record(cID,cName,cStatus) then cIdDetails should be set as the value of cID. By the following code, the value of cIdDetails is set correctly.

        <s:iterator value="cList">
                <td width="1%"><s:radio theme="simple" name="cIdDetails"
                    list="cID" label="&nbsp;"
                    onclick="details()" /></td>
                <td width="20%"><s:property value="cID" /></td>
                <td width="59%"><s:property value="cName" /></td>
                <td width="20%"><s:property value="cStatus" /></td>

The only problem is that i dont want to show any label for the radio button. Above code sets the label as cID and displays it as label of radio button.

Required Output

                cId          cName          cStatus
 radiobtn1      ID1           ABC           Single
 radiobtn2      ID2           XYZ           Married

Observed Output

                   cId          cName          cStatus
 radibtn1 ID1      ID1           ABC           Single
 radibtn2 ID2      ID2           XYZ           Married
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you can use a map

<s:radio theme="simple" name="cIdDetails" list="#{cID:''}" onclick="details()"/>

Look here

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Use the listValue attribute to achieve this. Try the following change in s:radio tag:

<s:radio theme="simple" name="cIdDetails"
                    list="cID" onclick="details()" listValue="%{'&nbsp'}"/>
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