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Here is the syntax to start with (classified data omitted)

[dbName].[dbo].[data_200801] FROM '\\servername\wwwroot\path\Files\data_200904.csv' WITH 
         FIELDTERMINATOR = ';',
         ROWTERMINATOR =  '\n'

This works fine as one of the step of the job. Where I hit a wall is that I need the file name to be dynamic with a SQL function such as

Filename = data_ & Year(GetDate()) & Month(GetDate()) & .csv

I can't seem to be able to concatenate the dynamic feature in my job.

Can someone who likes chalenges help me?

Thank you

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added code for you – KM. Apr 29 '09 at 17:46
if the question was answered, mark it (check mark) – KM. Apr 29 '09 at 20:48

create a stored procedure that executes this as dynamic sql, building the command in a string using your file name method. from the job run this new stored procedure.

DECLARE @Query   varchar(500)
SET @Query='BULK INSERT [dbName].[dbo].[data_200801] FROM ''\servername\wwwroot\path\Files\data_'+CONVERT(varchar(4),Year(GetDate()))+RIGHT('0'+CONVERT(varchar(2),Month(GetDate())),2)+'.csv'' WITH ( FIELDTERMINATOR = '';'', ROWTERMINATOR = ''\n'' );'
EXECUTE (@Query)

run that procedure from the job and not the bulk insert command

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Right in as a TSQL....I found it. Thanks Declare @Sql Nvarchar(255); SET @Sql='BULK INSERT [blabla].[dbo].[data_200801] FROM "\\blabla\path\Files\data_" & Function here & ".csv" WITH ( FIELDTERMINATOR = ";", ROWTERMINATOR = "\n" )'; Exec sp_ExecuteSql @Sql; – Anoue Apr 29 '09 at 17:42
@Anoue, t-sql does not use "&" for concatenation, look at my code for an example... – KM. Apr 29 '09 at 17:48

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