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A program performs a useful computation and inserts the result at the computer user's X11 cursor. How would the program access X11 to insert that text?


  • That is, if the user's X11 cursor is in a textarea or text editor, the result is inserted there.
  • This is not a flawed idea because the program itself would be triggered by a keyboard binding.
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Not possible in general. One can try XSendEvent or XTestFakeKeyEvent but neither is guaranteed to work. I have know idea whether PHP has bindings to either one. – n.m. Nov 7 '11 at 8:41

I think you should rely on the use of selections (see the ICCCM specs here). Generally speaking, into an X11 application, the widgets (eg text-boxes, buttons, etc..) must not necessarily be windows (as it happens in Windows), thus they must not necessarily have a Window ID, because GUI toolkits can handle widgets in different ways.

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