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How to retreive node_names and attribute_names from a xml (not values of node or attributes) Is it possible using jquery?

    <product name="astro">
        <service_process name="ACID">
        <service_process name="Mestro">
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You could start with something like this:

var xml = '<Client><product name="astro"><service_process name="ACID"><host>pable</host><port>18848</port></servcice_process><service_process name="Mestro"><host>Mico</host><port>18821</port></servcice_process></product></Client>';

$(xml).each(function displayChildren (i, node) {

  // traverse attributes
  $.each(node.attributes, function (j, attr) {
    console.log(attr.nodeName, attr.nodeValue);

  // recursive call
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A quick search revealed this page which deals in XML Parsing with jQuery. Getting the node name is a little more difficult but a method for getting it is provided here. From a quick look, I'm assuming you'd want to do something along the lines of:

$(xml).each(function(){ //xml is the XML resource.
    alert("Name = " + $(this).attr("name"));
  alert("Node = " + $(this).get(0).TagName);

I believe this should work no problems.

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