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I have an existing Team Project in Team System 2010 which, when I originally created it, I opted not to create a Sharepoint Project Portal website. I now would like a Sharepoint Project Portal website for the Team Project.

How do I do this?

In Visual Studio, I have tried Team->Team Project Settings->Portal Settings... and checking '"Enable team project portal" but I get the error:

TF229003: No response was received from following SharePoint site: htttp:/. Verify that it is operational, or specify another site

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This link explains the rather hacky way to achieve this:


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It seems that the TFS PowerTools have a command-line utility tfpt which lets you add a Project Portal for an existing Team Project.

tfpt addprojectportal

A blog post with a bit more info: http://www.doodle.co.uk/Blogs.aspx/2010/06/15/Rebuilding-TFS-Portals

Edit: another post with examples: http://ivanfioravanti.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/create-project-portal-and-reports-for-an-existing-team-project-on-tfs-2010/

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