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I want to create Ext.Panel with docked bottom toolbar, which contains one button. And then I want to have two different handlers for tap on panel body and button on toolbar. But now I have handler for tap on panel and it seems that this handler handle every tap on panel and toolbar of this panel. Can you help me fix it. Here is my code:

var infoButton = new Ext.Button({
  ui: 'round-small',
  border: 0,
  iconCls: 'info',
  style: "background: transparent;",
  iconMask: true,
  handler: handlerTapInfo

var infoToolbar = new Ext.Toolbar({
  border: 0,
  ui: config.ui || 'light',
  dock: 'bottom',
  style: 'background: transparent;',
  items: [{xtype: 'spacer'}, infoButton]

var pic1Panel = new Ext.Panel({
    id: '1',
    flex: 1,
        afterrender: function(c){
            c.el.on('click', function(){
    dockedItems: [infoToolbar]
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What exactly you want? For bottom tab panel, check the Kichen Sink example of Sencha Touch demos. What is the issue with the panel tap? –  Swar Nov 7 '11 at 10:53

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If you put all the panel's items inside a container, and add the listener on that container it will probably solve the problem.

If not, then you can stop the propagation of the event with e.stopEvent or return false (at least in Sencha Touch 2.0), but you need to verify the order in which the events are registered (the panel's should be the last I think)

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