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I currently work with Oracle databases, but in a few weeks I need to start learning Informix. Are there any tools available for Informix, similar to Oracle SQL Developer or any extensions for connecting SQL Developer to Informix?

Thank you

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Get ServerStudio, the core edition is free of charge. You get all the advanced features with your 30 day trial.


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Oracle SQL Developer can work only with Oracle and MS Access databases. I haven't tried Access but there is tab with "Access" title.

For Informix there is console based application named dbaccess and web based application named ISA - Informix Server Administrator (as in name this is more for administrators). I use both of them and home made ODBC based application. Some people use other general ODBC/JDBC based tools, for example quantum Eclipse plugin.

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thank you for your reply, it was very useful. Also I found the other Eclipse plugin - Eclipse SQL Explorer that can work with Informix DB. –  lenchevsky Nov 25 '11 at 21:01

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