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I'm using Netbeans on Ubuntu. I opened a Wicket application. My project had three packages. But I deleted one. It has EventCollection. Now My Project has two packages. Now I want to run it but it is not run. It gives error.

I did debug. It gives this error:

Attaching to localhost:11555
Not able to submit breakpoint LineBreakpoint : 95, reason: The breakpoint is set outside of any class.
Invalid LineBreakpoint : 95
User program running

Than name of existed package change with Events and name of change with

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Have you tried removing the breakpoint in the IDE? – Xavi López Nov 7 '11 at 10:29
NO. how to removing the breakpoint in the IDE – Burak Dağlı Nov 7 '11 at 10:30
I don't use netbeans, but take a look at this question remove breakepoint in netbeans 6.8 – Xavi López Nov 7 '11 at 10:32
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Remove that breakpoint from the IDE. I don't use NetBeans but this question seems to suggest that you can find this option under the Window / Debugging / Breakpoints menu. remove breakepoint in netbeans 6.8.

Also, these links might be useful to you:
NetBeans Docs & Support
Getting Started With the NetBeans IDE Tutorial

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ok I am try it. Now I go out. Then I am write answer – Burak Dağlı Nov 7 '11 at 10:38

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