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I am facing very strange problem with wp7 image control, it can load a png image from a url but unable to load a jpg image from same url. This works

<Image Source ="http://admin.surveyanalytics.com/userimages/sub-2/1517491/180_60_logo.png"/>

But this doesn't work

<Image Source ="http://admin.surveyanalytics.com/userimages/sub-2/1517491/forumlogo.jpg"/>

I can see both image in browser. In the second code ImageFailed event is fired with "AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR" error

Same is the case with windows-8 phone.

can anyone suggest me what is the problem. Your support will be appreciated, thank you.

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Have you resolved this? I'm running into the same issue in my wp7 app. –  Kon Nov 5 '13 at 1:08

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You could be facing the same problem (with solution) here: AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR in SIlverlight

Also check out the solution reported in Silverlight and the AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR - a thrilling story!

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the links shared by didn't help at all. –  Ashwin N Bhanushali Jan 3 '13 at 12:52

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