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I am retrieving data from a specific URL but in order to recieve the correct results I need to remove a paramater.

The URL currently being generated by token input is:-


I need to remove the last part :-


How can I achieve this so that token input just generates a URL with the following format:-


My current initialization code for 'Token input' is:-

$("#similar_artists").tokenInput("http://developer.echonest.com/api/v4/artist/suggest?api_key=W8ZWEXAMPLEWH6N", {

hintText: "Please begin typing the name of a famous artist who has the kind of sound you are looking for. You may select as many as you wish.",
theme: "facebook",
onAdd: function (item) {

onDelete: function (item) {


searchDelay: "0",
tokenDelimiter: ", ",
animateDropdown: true,
preventDuplicates: true,
deleteText: "",
tokenValue: "name",
crossDomain: false,
tokenLimit: "6",
queryParam: "name",
noResultsText: "There are no valid artists that match your request, please try again.",
onResult: function (data) {

                    return data['response']['artists'];


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