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I am using rails 2.3.2

I have a link_to_remote functions

           <%= link_to_remote "Comments ", {
 :url => {:controller => "blogs",:action => "fetchcomments",:id =>}} %> |

and the rails action as

        def fetchcomments
           unless params[:id].nil?
           @blog = Blog.find(params[:id])

           respond_to do |format|
             format.js do
              render :update do |page|
                  page.replace_html("comm", 'hi')

The above code throws me the error as

    try {
     Element.update("comm", "hi");
       } catch (e) { alert('RJS error:\n\n' + e.toString());                    
       alert('Element.update(\"comm\", \"hi\");'); throw e }

Please give me suggestions

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1 Answer 1

Remove unless params[:id].nil? and it will work if you have an element with the id 'comm' on the page that makes the request. Of course it will replace whatever is inside with the word 'hi'.

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