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I have two methods defined in my ruby file.

def is_mandatory(string)
      puts xyz
def is_alphabets(string)
      puts abc 

An array containing the names of the methods.

    methods = ["is_mandatory", "is_alphabets"]

When I do the following

    methods.each do |method| puts method.concat("(\"abc\")") end 

It just displays, is_mandatory("abc") is_alphabets("abc") rather than actually calling the method.

How can i convert the string to method name? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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On a side note, the Ruby way of doing is_* methods is by using a question mark rather than the prefix "is", i.e. mandatory? and alphabets?. –  joonty Oct 24 '12 at 9:42

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Best way is probably:

methods.each { |meth| send(meth, 'abc') }

See Object#send

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Thanks that worked! –  verdure Nov 8 '11 at 4:42
If these methods belong to some class? –  Sakshi Jain Apr 21 at 6:48
Then you want something like: obj = OwningClass.new; methods.each { |meth| obj.send(meth, 'abc') } –  Chowlett Apr 21 at 10:17

Try using "send".

methods.each do |method| 
  self.send(method, "abc")
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