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Is there a way to manually add differents open graph tags for every joomla article? I tried some joomla plugins but they don't work in my website.

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You can use one of the Open Graph Plugins for Joomla standard content if you like. Maybe this one: http://itprism.com/free-joomla-extensions/open-graph-meta

If you want to code it then this will work in a MVC template for you:

$this->document->setMetaData( 'og:image', JURI::base().'imagename.jpg');          
$this->document->setMetaData( 'og:title' , $pagetitle );          
$this->document->setMetaData( 'og:description' , $item->metadesc );       
$this->document->setMetaData( 'og:url' , JURI::base().$_SERVER ['REQUEST_URI'] );         
$this->document->setMetaData( 'og:site_name' , $this->conf->get('config.sitename'));          
$this->document->setMetaData( 'og:type' , 'cat:type' );
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I tried this plugin, but it doesn't work in my website. For this reason I'm looking for manually add open graph tags to header –  Samm Nov 12 '11 at 8:12
I am too, this plug and others does not work for me. –  Abdusalam Elsherif Aug 10 at 11:45

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