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My code looks like this:


G <- matrix(runif(p*nsim),nsim,p)

dmax<- matrix(data=NA,nrow=nsim,ncol=p)
dmin<- matrix(data=NA,nrow=nsim,ncol=p)

for(i in 1:nsim) {
  dmax[i]<- max(rdist(G[i,,drop=FALSE],G))
  dmin[i]<- min(rdist(G[i,,drop=FALSE],G[-i,]))

I filled dmax and dmin with the distance it calculated, but what I really want is to fill them with rows from G. How can I do that?

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See ?which.max

dmax[i,] <- G[which.max(rdist(G[i,,drop=FALSE],G)),]

But, consider two simplifications of your code:

  1. use apply rather than root
  2. run rdist just for whole G

    dmax <- G[apply(rdist(G,G),1,which.max),]
    dmin <- G[apply(rdist(G,G),1,which.min),]
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