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I'm curious if it's possible to undo changes I've made to ConfigurationSection in run-time. I don't want to create lots of variables & set current values, so that when I want to undo them, I can just set them back. I need a simpler way, a method I suppose? Can anyone help me?

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Have you considered using serialization? You could serialize ConfiguartionSection and then deserialize it to undo. Here are some tips.

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can you give some code tutorial? it's just that I've never had an opportunity to work with it... have no idea how to do this –  GaaRa Nov 7 '11 at 13:50
I did give you code tutorial. There is a link in the post. –  zmilojko Nov 7 '11 at 14:07

IMO, you can write it in several approaches. For an instance if you are after to change your application settings at run-time, you can store them in a better place like database in lieu of configuration file and a simple versioning system to log a history from user changes.

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You can implement the Command Pattern. It is ideal for your situation. You can use StreamReader and StreamWriter to read and write your backup files.

interface ICommandPattern {
    void Execute();
    void Undo();

class SaveConfigurationPattern : ICommandPattern {
    string _backupFileName;
    public void Execute()
        // serialize your original and save to the backup file name
        // make changes and save to your config file

    public void Undo()
        // copy your backup file over the configuration file

you can store an array of instances of the SaveConfigurationPattern and allow for multi-level undo and redo operations.

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