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I am creating a surface and drawing some shapes onto it. Now doing a

dojo.connect(iSurface.getEventSource(), "mousedown", HandleMouseDown);

and during handler trying to make the target shape moveable.

    foo = new dojox.gfx.Moveable(event.target);

However I keep getting "this.shape.connect is not a function", I think this is due to the fact that event.target is a svg rect not a gfx shape object. Can anyone help me in finding how do I get gfx shape object in the event instead of underlying svg object?


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You can provide context as an argument to dojo.connect:

dojo.connect(iSurface.getEventSource(), 'mousedown', {shapeObj: svgShape}, HandleMouseDown);

or if shapeObj object belongs to this:

dojo.connect(iSurface.getEventSource(), 'mousedown', this, HandleMouseDown);

and have this.shapeObj in event handler:

function HandleMouseDown(e) {
  foo = new dojox.gfx.Moveable(this.shapeObj);
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