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I have created a backgammon game in c++ that is played in console. Now I want to update it to be played online. At the moment both players would be playing from the same computer, so I don't need to worry about connections and messages.

In my C++ version the board is a 2D array, and i was thinking of representing it with a 'gridview' and making the 'columns' be 'buttonfields' so that when you press them I could check the logic and if valid make the movements.

I have the feeling there has to be better ways of doing this.

any recommendations?

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You are probably best off making the graphical part of your game using client-side graphics. I have used Raphael in the past.

And in order to tell the server what is going on on the board use a WebService.

To do this you'll need to brush up on JavaScript.

Good Luck!

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You're probably better off creating an image that represents the board, and drawing this to a surface in your application, and then defining various clickable "hotspots". You'll run into limitations and frustrations if you try to turn controls into a board game and you might not be that satisfied with the final results.

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+1 This method is probably going to be easier to do for someone who doesn't have any existing client-side scripting knowledge. –  El Ronnoco Nov 7 '11 at 14:05
I will look into client-side graphics and if it gets too crazy I will go through with this option. –  NicoTek Nov 7 '11 at 23:32

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