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I have a string

String ="...blah..." 

I want to filter this string from 3 dots in the front and 3 in back to have like follows

String = "blah". 

Whats the most effecient way to perform this sort of operation?

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Your example is a bit weak. Can your string contain dots in the middle? Does it always have exactly three dots at the beginning and the end? – Björn Pollex Nov 7 '11 at 13:39
"Whats the most effecient way to perform this sort of operation?" 1) Programmatically 2) Expending no effort & asking strangers to do it for you. It depends on your definition of 'effecient' (sic). – Andrew Thompson Nov 7 '11 at 13:47

Use .replace(..) (linear complexity)

str = str.replace(".", "");

You can also try the regex-version (not sure which will perform better):

str = str.replaceAll("\\.+", "");

Or of it is exactly 3 dots from the back and 3 from the front, use

str = str.substring(3, str.length() - 3);
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If you always have 3 dots and beginning and end, use substring:

String foo = bar.substring(3, bar.length()-3);
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String myString = "...blah...";
myString = myString.replace(".", "");
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