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Will signals automatically disconnect , when target object is destroyed ? Without recording the signal id from g_signal_connect() , can i remove that signal ?

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If you didn't save the signal handler ID, you can search for it using g_signal_handler_find() and disconnect it the usual way, or disconnect any signals that match certain criteria with g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched() or g_signal_handlers_disconnect_by_func().

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Of course when the target object is destroyed, the signals connected to it are removed (otherwise there would be a massive memory leak, but read the warning on g_signal_connect_object). However, to call g_signal_handler_disconnect you need the handler id given by g_signal_connectand friends.

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You can use the *handler_block_by_func* and *handler_unblock_by_func* methods.

Example (PyGTK):

def on_treeview_fixedexpenses_cursor_changed(self, widget):


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