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I have a MVC3 web app with i18n in 4 latin languages... but I would like to add CHINESE in the future.

I'm working with standard resource file.

Any tips?

EDIT: Anything about reading direction? Numbers? Fonts?

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Unfortunately, the question would require very long (broad) answer, the one that would cause some people to be angry with me. Please find this question, to some extent it contains what you are looking for. – Paweł Dyda Nov 7 '11 at 19:40
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I would start with these observations:

  • Chinese is a non-character-based language, meaning that a search engine (if needed) must not use only punctuation and whitespace to find words (basically, each character is a word); also, you might have mixed Latin and Chinese words
  • make sure to use UTF-8 for all your HTML documents (.resx files are UTF-8 by default)
  • make sure that your database collation supports Chinese - or use a separate database with an appropriate collation
  • make sure you don't reverse strings or do other unusual text operations that might break with multi-byte characters
  • make sure you don't call ToLower and ToUpper to check user-input text because again this might break with other alphabets (or rather scripts) - aka the Turkey Test

To test for all of the above and other possible issues, a good way is pseudolocalization.

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Thanks for your tips... Do you know of any tools to do the pseudolocalization on resource files? – Romias Nov 8 '11 at 20:33

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