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I would like to know if they are a specific command for ClearCase which can give me a list of specific sub-branches.

For example I have this branches:


I would like the command to output for example the "main" sub-branches:

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Considering ClearCase reasons file by file, you cannot infer a strict relationship between one branch and another based on the version tree of a given file:

version_1 and version_2 might be considered "under" main for file1, but for file2, maybe version_2 has been created from a version of file2 done in version_1 branch.

For a given file (in base ClearCase), the command to consider is: cleartool lsvtree.

The situation is a bit different with UCM, where you can list sub-streams, and infer the list of branches from there. See cleartool lsstream.

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