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Hi I looking for solution which find real time positions of template in source image.

I find many theoretical discussions, and in this article Image comparison - fast algorithm i found Keypoint Matching technique.

Have any one any experiences with this in c# ? Some tests ? Or better some code samples ?

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Have a look at EmguCV it is a C# wrapper that will allow you to use the OpenCV library. In particular, the features2d library. Finally, here is an example to get you started.

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Thx, this is good starting point –  David Horák Nov 8 '11 at 8:29

One improvement:

In this time is EmguCV in version 2.3.x and in this version are some changes.

And one what I found in example above is that, SURFTracker is replaced by Features2DTracker.

Here some example SurfDetector

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