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I'm having trouble getting ThinkingSphinx to recognize my conditions.

My Discussion model includes the following code:

define_index do
  indexes [subject, body], :as => :text
  indexes replies.body, :as => :reply_text
  set_property :delta => true

And as expected this search "handy"

returns any discussion with the word "handy" in its subject, body, or the body of one of its replies.

Now I'm implementing a "deleting posts" feature, and I want to show only discussions where the field called :disabled == false.

Unfortunately, this search: "handy", :conditions => { :disabled => false }

always returns an empty array, no matter what.


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You'll need to have an attribute disabled defined in your define_index block:

define_index do
  indexes [subject, body], :as => :text
  indexes replies.body, :as => :reply_text

  has disabled

  set_property :delta => true

Once you've done this, stop Sphinx, re-index, and restart, and hopefully it should work.

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You rock, pat. Thanks! – Raphomet Apr 30 '09 at 3:27

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