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I am interested in what people use as their text editor, and would specifically like to know what is the feature of vim that you like the most?

In answering, please state what you mostly use vim to do, sysadmin tasks, programming, and in what language you mostly program in.

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Reflow the current paragraph according to the current textwidth (tw) setting.

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Scriptability (which is not a word). Not only does VIM have it's own scripting language, but if compiled with +python, VIM scripts can be written in python. This opens up insane possibilities and is demonstrated well by the user submitted scripts.

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I was raised on Emacs, but the feature I like best about it is shared with Vim - ubiquity. I HATE switching editors. If you find one that can fit your needs AND that is popular enough that other editors (Visual Studio for example) actually have MODES to emulate it, then your can learn that editor well and not worry about having wasted your time.

And unfortunately for me, Emacs is too heavy, and vi wins in the ubiquity department. If you want to effectively administer Linux, for example, and not rely on nano/pico to save you, then you should learn vi. That is, I should learn vi. Sigh...

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One of my favorites are buffers/windows

I program and did system administration for years.

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I can't live without syntax highlighting and vim is the most lightweight editor I know with it. I also really love being able to delete lines, move to the start or end of a document or line, find and replace with regex, all with a few key strokes.

Also, emacs users can suck it. ;-)

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It's not exactly a vim feature, but It's All Text! lets me use vim to edit the contents of text fields in Firefox. (It works with other, inferior editors too ;))

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I'm a former user of TextPad, and had memorized many of that program's accelerator keys. One of the first things I did in Vim was learning the map function to keep consistency (F5 search, F8 replace, etc.). I created my personal colorscheme, and borrowed alot from others' vimrc files. Viva Vim! Configurable to any degree.

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I use vim for anything text-editor wise, which is mostly source-code.

f key. Pressing f then any character brings you to the next instance of that character on the line (F to go to an instance before the cursor).

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The incremental search and the ability to access the search and command histories.

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Simply the easyness and the ergonomics of the modality system. Accessing the whole file system with hands on the home row is easily the best thing about vim.

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* -- find symbol under cursor
gf -- goto file under cursor

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I enjoy the ability to type and save text.

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