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Hi i have to resolve AX=0 in matlab. The problem is that I don't have the A coefficients I need to extract them from q(x)f(x) - q(x) = 0, a complex expression. In this system the variables are a0 a1 a2 b0 b1 b2, since I going to evaluate the expression for a given set of points x, p(x) = a0 + a1*x + a2*x^2 and q(x) = b0 + b1*x + b2*x^2 and f(x) is some function. So i got a system of 6 variables and the number of equation is the quantity of points. My question is how i extract the coefficients of the A matrix including the 0 for any variable? I have been trying several ways but nothing. Do I have to manually copy the variables coefficients for all the given points (x, f(x))? Please i like the thing well done help me in case there is a solution even if it is big. just guide me.

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This question is very difficult to read. What does "extract coefficients" mean? Are you looking to find appropriate coefficients? What technique are you using? What have you tried? Can you show us some code? –  eykanal Nov 7 '11 at 20:45

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So, I guess you want to solve q(x)f(x) - p(x) = 0 (where q,p is quadric and f arbitary function, respect to x), not AX=0. Note: AX=0 is linear equation while q(x)f(x) - p(x) = 0 not necessarily. If so, it may be impossible to "extract coefficients" and what you need is nonlinear equation solver, check out: fsolve function.

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