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I have a problem. I'm developing with PHP an app for facebook in IFrame and I use the function sendRequestToManyRecipients() so:

        appId  : '<?=APP_ID?>',
        status : true,
        cookie : true,
        oauth: true
    function sendRequestToManyRecipients() {
      FB.ui({method: 'apprequests',
            message: 'xxxxxxxx'

The Problem is when the user invited click on request, the url is https://apps.facebook.com/myapp. My App doesn't work, because the right url is http://... and I have a blank page. The request doesn't get the index.php so I can't to do a redirect.

I tried FB._https = false but that doesn't help.

Can I change that url? My app needs http and not https.

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i put in my code FB._https = false but it's the same. The request is always in htpps don't get my index.php –  Francesco Cara Nov 7 '11 at 17:07

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whether the url is https or http depends on the user facebook settings. Only users with http will be able to view the index. Buy a certificate to solve your problem.

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