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Although I find the Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse very useful, I find the way they highlight violation too much. I stripped out the yellow background and the overview ruler, but I haven't figured out the following:

When there are Checkstyle violations, the files containing them appear in the Project Explorer with the same decoration icon as when they have compiler warnings (enter image description here). All my classes appear infested with warnings, and I can't tell which of them are compiler warnings. The only way I found to keep Checkstyle from changing the file decorations is to turn it off for my projects, but that obviously also hides the violations in the editor.

Is there a way to tell Checkstyle not to change the file icons?

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In the SourceForge forum (here) for the project, they say that it is not possible to change the decoration, but what can be done instead is to change the severity of the violations.

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