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I keep getting 500 (Internal Server Error) and I suspect this is because I am setting docroot to docroot=${HOME}*. I want to 'peek under the hood' because I suspect ${HOME} is what is causing the problems. How can I do this, or at least write all the variables to log whenever there is a problem.

EDIT I am using suPHP version 0.7.1-1 which does support variables within docroot

EDIT I tried cheating by appending the ${HOME} variable to the log file name. For simplicity, I used the ${UID} variable since ${HOME} might have forward slashes in it. I updated the below line in the /etc/suphp/suphp.conf file


I get the following file


It's as if the ${UID} variable does not even exist.

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This problem arises out of the fact that the * pattern in regular expressions here does not match /. Furthermore, the * is not even necessary since docroot will automatically include all recursive files. All I had to do was change



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