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I have a table that logs how many of an item people have, table is set up like

Name        Item          Amount
Knob        Pistol          5
Knee        Pistol          2
Hat         Shotgun         3

I want to loop through the table and find out the total number of certain items. So if i searched for 'Pistol', it would output 7.

Do I have to loop through each record and add them to a number count, or is there a quicker way of doing it?

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Did you tried SUM with GROUP BY? – CristiC Nov 7 '11 at 17:52
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This is a basic SQL question. You really should look at the SQL docs to learn more. The function you're looking for is SUM.

    SELECT SUM(amount) as total FROM table WHERE item = 'Pistol'

This would return


Good luck.

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You could use the following query:

SELECT Sum(Amount) FROM table_name WHERE Item = 'Pistol'
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